What we think

Sometimes distance learning is like getting a haircut online, not at PCt2U, contact us to learn how you can engage with the Internet in order to achieve your qualifications over distance and at a time that suits your hectic lifestyle. As an organisation we have worked since early 2000 to deliver training this way and what we have found is that people are more productive if the training is based around their lifestyle and work rather than being told to go and attend an organisation for training.

In some cases people are less productive in an attended session as they can fall victim to being taken along for the ride with others and sometimes even switching off completely. In the most serious cases it can be that people see these training events as a rest period and downtime to unwind and relax from the work routine. We now know through University social science studies that only 10% of information is retained in these types of training sessions and unless the session is task based to learn a new skill for example why would you attend such training session especially to acquire knowledge?

At PCt2U we believe in advocacy guiding and helping you through our courses every step of the way. We manage the learning over distance, we provide you with the tools to succeed and the guidance to develop your knowledge and practical skills. This way even if you do have a new baby or five jobs at least you can work with us and achieve your qualification. Cost is another factor you have to consider when studying as being carbon neutral is so important to people these days. At PCt2U we are 100% carbon neutral, if we can find a way to hold meetings, carry out our duties with our students using technology and negating travel and associated fuel costs, we will do just that. We always question why we have to travel hundreds of miles in a car to meet a student as it is not economically viable or sustainable in 2019 to be doing this. We now have incredibly fast internet connections and through our digital communication tools we connect you to our online systems that work 24/7 to allow you to engage with us. There is no downtime for our systems, they don’t close down for holidays they operate every day and night for you to access 365 days a year.

Further to this we can advocate ways that you can be mentored on our courses just like having your own personal trainer. Making sure that you fully understand what you are learning, not sitting in a session and not knowing what the trainer is talking about. How do these types of traditional attended courses really know that you have picked up the required knowledge or information that you need? At PCt2U we can absolutely guarantee 100% that you will have achieved your goals and be able to be a practitioner in the future in any subject that we deliver. Our assessment methods and our pedagogy achieve this in a way that assists you to learn not by putting up a mountain for you to climb but by leveling the playing field.