UK VISA Points

To work in the UK as a Teacher you now have to meet a UK points system of at least 70 points to gain entry to work in the country. 10 Points are for the speaking and use of English so that is the first part you need to concentrate on. A Job offer gets you 20 points, an appropriate skill gives you 20 points so this means a qualification in your specialism or as a teacher. So these are the essential points required, the rest have to be picked up via shortages such as say STEM teachers or else a wage over £25.000 will gain you 20 Points to qualify for the Visa. At PCt2U we can help you with this we can get you a recognised Level 5 teaching qualification and also potential work with one of our schools. So further to your proven English qualifications you should be able to gain entry to work in the UK as a Teacher. For more information and discussion on how we can assist you please send an email to [email protected]