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Teacher Training

If you are working with post 16 students on vocational courses PCt2U can help you gain a nationally recognised UK teaching qualification. 

Postgraduate study can be the foundation to a great career. It can turn an existing career into something brilliant, help you change careers or help you to pursue your passion. Our Level 5 courses can help take your academic interest to the next level and support your career aspirations. There are several routes into teacher training. Your path into teaching will depend on the subject and age group you would like to teach as well as your work experience, qualifications and learning style.

The course introduction process

  1. Discuss your requirements in your school or place of work with your tutor
  2. Your tutor will then check your identity and entry qualifications

Completing your application form

Once you have discussed your course with your tutor you will be sent an application form via email this will be checked and your tutor might request evidence of your previous qualifications. Once the application has been checked, usually within two days, and has been approved your tutor will contact you about the funding of the course and your payment options.

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