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Success stories

“Hey Hope you’re all well. Just to let you know that I completed my QTLS in April. I also went for an interview last week for a job as a Mathematics teacher and I got the job. Thank you so much for all your help with my DET”. 😊💐Arzuman

The school Arzuman refers to is a UK state funded school that supported Arzuman on her DET training and QTLS training, Arzuman also gained a full time role in a State School in the UK as a teacher with her DET and QTLS offering her £27000 as a starting salary. She did not need to go to University and study for her PGCE or require QTS to work in the state school sector in the UK. Learn more at PCT2U.

“Dillon was a sports teacher in a Manchester AP and he enrolled on the PCT2U DET course online. When he had completed his course with us he was offered a position in SLT and he started to work in senior management at his school. Dillon also enrolled at the Society of Education and Training in the UK and completed his QTLS training in his school and is now a fully qualified Deputy Head Teacher with QTLS”.

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