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PCT2U Information and Guidance

The first step is to contact us and discuss your requirements these can be varied due to your previous experiences and we need to discuss your past experiences and qualifications to ensure that you get on the right course for you. Please call us in the first instance so we can offer you advice on the suitability of our courses for you and general guidance on what is required.

The next aspect is to complete our application form and send this back to us this can be done via email and a digital signature will suffice. This form includes an initial assessment and helps to further consolidate your requirements and suitability for the course. Once this has been approved you can transfer the course funds to our company bank account to commence the course.

Once we have received the funds and your application is approved we can register you with our awarding body one of the largest in the UK the NCFE and you will then be signed up to our online learning system Moodle. A demo of this on-line learning system is also available on our website. There are no start dates and no attendance is required, again saving you lots of time and money. You will then be sent your login details to get started and you can commence your studies and research from that point.

We do run a course deposit scheme this helps our students in two ways if you cannot afford the whole course fee amount but want to make a start then the deposit gets you registered and started on the course. We then require a monthly payment via standing order to show some further commitment from you. We also advise that if you are not sure about the course and want to test the water then again this is a very good way to start by paying us a small deposit and then see how you feel about our way of learning. To participate in our courses you have to be a self starter and autonomous and be able to carry out independent adult research and reading on various topics for your course units. You also need some degree of technical abilities using the internet a personal computer and you need to interact with our on-line system Moodle that is very similar to software such as Facebook that you have to upload and download information from. Again if you need to be spoon fed information by a tutor on a face to face basis in a classroom then this course is definitely not for you. Our courses are designed to fit around you and your work and your responsibilities at home they allow you to think outside of the box and work outside of the normal hours for studying. Our Moodle LMS is available 24/7 and worldwide and fully supported by your own personal tutor who is actually at the end of the telephone line or email system unlike some other distance learning courses that are more fire and forget.

If you need any further information on our course then don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist you on your learning journey and with some honest help and advice on the qualifications you need for your chosen career. Most of our courses can be started on a deposit basis with monthly payments thereafter see our offers page. .

Call us on 020-33974548 to discuss or ‘tweet’ us direct @pct2u