Save Money here

Save yourself £7000 and take our Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training the snob in you will thank you in the end. Why do you need to take a PGCE at University when you can take the equivalent course online with us. In some respects the DET course is more applicable to those with dual professionalism’s who are wanting to work in schools and colleges of the future as our course prepares you for teaching in these environments with what are modern units of study that really focus on today’s teaching methods not just theory elements. The time frame for completing our course is much quicker as we work in a more intensive Moodle environment fully supported with specialist mentoring services if you require them? This can help you cover the units a lot quicker.

How do we achieve this you might be thinking? Do we cut corners on service, just use fire and forget eLearning methods? No not really we have just reduced our overheads and we have dedicated online Moodle platforms the same used by most UK Colleges and Universities that allow us to work with you over distance professionally. We also understand technology and how to get the best out of working over distances with tech that again Universities cannot support due their huge numbers and over burdened systems that have to be managed sometimes by third parties due to security issues. We fully understand tech and social networking platforms and can leverage the best from them this helps you in your studies. The added bonus is that as we tend to spend our working day from 9-5 on the internet and connected to our company Moodle you are fully supported by us if you need anything and at anytime of the day.

So as we have no fixed assets and huge expensive overheads we can offer our DET course at a greatly reduced price than Universities can, currently our basic price is £1130. We also offer dedicated mentoring services that are paid for extra if you really want to work intensively on your course? We can arrange this further to a learning needs analysis of your individual learning plan and you still come in under the University PGCE budget of £9000 by miles. But by all means if the snob in you wants to attend University and if you are prepared to pay for the pleasure then good luck in your studies and eventually in two years time you will have your certificate. Whilst our students will be practicing what they have learned on our course about inclusive learning, teaching methodologies and applying them in their professional role as a teacher or trainer for real. So not only will our students be ahead of the curve professionally they will definitely be a lot wealthier and can treat themselves to a holiday whilst you are still attending your second year at University studying for your PGCE. Good luck with that.