Globalisation in education has now been achieved due to the fact that we can all communicate via networks over vast distances. At PCt2U we have worked with students all around the world for many years in remote locations such as soldiers in Iraq, workers on Oil Rigs in the North Sea, or teachers working in major cities all around the world in Argentina, Ireland, USA, Spain, Africa and even the Falkland Islands, more or less anywhere that has a reliable internet connection.

As we continue to build our global village network via the Internet issues are raised all the time on travelling to a host country for studies, so much so that in some countries the risks are so great for their people to travel abroad that they are now centralising their education in home territories. This is understandable as students have to balance out the level of education required and their safety these days and sometimes travelling abroad is far too risky for them. At PCt2U we work across all borders using the Internet and we offer an International educational experience that is as safe as you can get it. There is no travel required or visa applications involved. This again reduces the cost to you for achieving your UK Ofqual regulated qualification. So if you are interested in learning UK teaching, assessing and quality control skills and methods from the safety of your own country then look no further. We can offer you this and at a price you can afford.

For students abroad you just need to register in the UK with us.

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