0% Payment Plans

Flexible payment plans to suit your individual circumstances! We have the most cost effective and affordable ways to pay for your education and training. There are no barriers to learning @pct2u and we aim to assist you getting started on your course irrespective of your financial circumstances. We understand that these days getting your hands on large sums of money without being able to apply for a student loan for your course is not an easy task so we are the first provider in the country to establish a deposit scheme to start your course with equal monthly payments thereafter to pay for your course as you learn. There is no interest to pay on the course fees and this makes it more cost effective for you to engage on our programs along with the fact that you don’t need to travel. You also do not lose the entire course fee compared to other learning providers who will not refund your course fees once you have paid the full amount. Since we started introducing our deposit to start scheme the same option has been picked up by universities, colleges and other providers including other companies who are offering similar payment schemes for their products. Again we have been the first to pioneer this method of payment and it fits into our ethos of allowing learners to engage on our courses irrespective of their social and economic situations. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you with getting started on your learning journey.

Call us to discuss on: 020-33974548