PCt2U prides itself on its innovation in training and delivery using the latest technology and learning management systems.

  1. We have no course start dates or semesters
  2. Start and stop your course whenever you want
  3. Pay for your course as you go
  4. We have no loan system attached to our courses
  5. Low cost courses that everyone can afford
  6. Chat with your tutor anytime of the day and night
  7. Submit work 24/7 – 365 days of the year
  8. Get feedback on your work within 7 days
  9. There is no attendance to the course
  10. There are no barriers to disabled people on our courses
  11. Tutor responses daily via Moodle
  12. 1-2-1 post graduate mentoring support available
  13. We only close during the xmas holiday period and term times

Talk to Paul on 020-33974548 or via social media at twitter @pct2u Facebook and LinkedIn.