Sometimes you want to learn something different say as a part of your CPD. Or else just because you are interested in that particular subject or you want to learn a new skill. eLearning has become the standard for this type of learning now as it fits into how you want to learn and when. Some eLearning courses are nowadays supported by a tutor part time or else you work from the video and tasks to assimilate the knowledge you require. It’s a lot like YouTube in some respects but within our eLearning vehicle you will find it is a more organised way of working. We have thousands of courses that you can review on our eLearning portal so follow the link today and see what you can discover. All of our eLearning courses are accredited and you have the additional benefits of a digital wallet that stores all your certificates and achievements in one place. Very handy if you need to show your employer or potential employer what you can do. Click on the link to learn more. https://pcm2u.globaledfoundation.com/