We have achieved Level 1 Inspections across all our courses from the NCFE in 2016. What is (DCS) Direct Claims Status? It is a benchmark or metric earned by going through rigorous quality assurance testing to say that our courses, delivery and quality assurance at our organisation meets the awarding bodies and national UK standards in education delivery and assessment as well as policy. This equates to what are Level 1 grades across all our qualifications and this allows us to carry out our own stringent and robust quality assurance regime and then notify the NCFE direct that further to our IQA activities we would like to claim the students certificate direct from them. We achieved this over six years at PCt2U and our teams of assessors and internal quality assurance staff worked very hard indeed on our courses over the time frame to achieve this result, that’s a lot of external meetings to review our processes. So using the mnemonic ‘VACSR’ we ensure that your work is Valid, Authentic, Current, Sufficient and Reliable. This assessment tool allows us to ensure that your work is fit for purpose and that you are competent with the knowledge to impart some value in your organisation further to your studies with us. Companies that do not have DCS have not proven their courses and standards in the same way that we have, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are any worse at putting you through the qualification but it does mean that you will have to wait possibly up to six months before an EQA visit to their organisation to sign off your work and claim your certificate. Rest assured with PCt2U we have jumped over all the hurdles and our status is monitored by our NCFE EQA on a regular basis to ensure that we are still performing to the level we have been inspected at, that is Level 1. You could say our educational paradigm is perfect but we continue to strive to improve our students experiences and to improve our delivery methods and the associated assessment of their work through our internal standardisation meetings and our consultation with the NCFE and our allocated EQA. Between us all we ensure that your journey is rewarding and that you can say to all concerned that you have a valued qualification and the knowledge to go forward in your chosen career.