Case Study

Mentoring is a big part of what we do at PCt2U and it is that specialist attention that sees our teachers and trainers achieve their qualifications. It is important for us to keep in touch with our students so that they can meet their aims and objectives on their course. Below is one case study that allows you to see how teachers benefit from our support to achieve their qualifications. Names of the teachers have been changed to protect those involved in the case studies.

Jean – Teacher in a Specialist Private Academy  

Jean worked in a specialist academy and wanted to achieve her DET over distance as it was more flexible a course online with no attendance. Jean has a small child that requires picking up from nursery every day and with a full time job she felt that this course would be perfect to fit around her work and child care provision. Jean was working in a much pressurised environment due to the needs of her 14-19 cohorts and she also had managerial responsibilities in the school. Initially Jean hit the ground running and completed her first unit of study in the required time but thereafter she fell off the map and couldn’t maintain the input required to complete the course. Through various meetings with the head teacher at the school we designed a mentoring programme that would fit around her style of learning. Jean we found needed lots of direction at the start of each unit and so we established some SMART objectives initially for her to work towards and in-conjuction with mentoring tutorials and professional discussions we managed to get Jean back on track and we are pleased to say that she is now working on her final unit of the DET course and we are ready to sign her off as successfully completing the course.

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