In 2001 the owner of PCt2U presented his ground breaking Internet College project to Tony Blair at 10 Downing Street this being to train childminders over distance online without the need to go to College. From this pioneering work in distance education at a time when we still had to dial up to the Internet to get a connection the owner of the company has spent the last twenty years delivering education along with technology as a lecturer in universities, as a teacher in schools and as an advisor to many major corporations including GE in the USA and Telecom Malaysia. You could say with someone of this calibre leading the company you are going to get the best out of your online and distance learning experiences.

In 2010 PCt2U was created by a professional teacher for new and aspiring teachers. PCt2U is now celebrating its 11th year as an NCFE (Ofqual) centre and as a learning provider delivering UK regulated qualifications to a standard that has seen PCt2U awarded direct claims status in recognition of its gold standard quality control procedures. In that time PCt2U have even become a supplier to the MOD through the ELCAS program for the UK’s armed forces and also a supplier to the  NHS training their staff across various departments. Other esteemed clients include News International and the UK Police Force and HMPS. For more information on how PCt2U can benefit you without the need to go to college or university contact us now to discuss your requirements.

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