Discover your vocation with us, find your identity. What is teaching all about? You might be new to education, teaching or training but would like to study the art of teaching and possibly achieve our higher diploma in education and training and become a teacher in a school, college or even progress onto a Masters in Education and work in a University in the future who knows even gaining your PHD in Education if the subject appeals to you that much? Or you might want to become an assessor and work with candidates in the workplace or on apprenticeships finally achieving your verifiers qualifications and managing assessors in organisations in the future? Lao Zi a famous Chinese philosopher once said;

‘a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’


So contact us today and if you’re new to teaching or assessing lets discuss your options? There are no barriers to learning at PCT2U we can find a way of making your learning journey work for you. Book onto our entry level Award in Education and Training course and try it who knows that ‘Professor’ in you might be just waiting to fascinate us with your findings in the future. Talk to us today and let’s see if we can identify your future vocation? 020-33974548