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‘In the end, you will only develop a fully effective ‘theory-in-use’ by teaching, and, most particularly, by reflecting on your experience of teaching’. (Geoffrey Petty, Teaching Today 2015)

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Graham – PTLLS Level 4 Student 2013 – Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England.



Skipper Max – Award in Education and Training Level 3 Student 2015 – Cumbria, England.



‘I really enjoyed the course, it’s was laid out in a simple way and was easy to work through on my own and most importantly it fit around my 5 month old baby. The tutor was there to help when necessary and his feedback was really constructive. I would highly recommend doing your AET through Pct2u’.

Frances – Award in Education and Training Level 3 Student 2015 – Bradford, England.


‘I completed this course via distance learning this is the first time I have used this source. I found all members of the team very accessible and received constructive feedback and support. The moodle site was easy to navigate around and having access to tutors via the messages was very useful. The course was very in depth and I have learnt such a lot completing it, I know once I qualify I will take such a lot from it that I will be the best assessor I can be. I plan to continue in my learning development using the tools advised within the programme. I would like to congratulate the team on having a very well organised structure to the course and hope to work with them again in the future. Thank you all for the support and most of all the chance to gain a qualification. Thanks again.

Angela (a former Bright learner) –LEVEL 3 AWARD IN ASSESSING COMPETENCE IN THE WORK ENVIRONMENT – Barrow-In-Furness, Cumbria, England


‘I enjoyed the course and found it very informative, my queries were answered quickly and clearly and my tutor guided me through the moodle system. I found it difficult to fit in around my busy working schedule but managed ok and would have benefited more if I had more time at home to do the work but I needed to get it done by a deadline so that is no reflection on my tutor. I am now looking at progressing onto another course that will help me on my career path of being involved in a training environment.

Tim – Award in Education and Training Level 3 Student 2014 – Barrow in Furness, Cumbria, England.


This was an excellent course that has definitely developed my teaching ability. My tutor really demonstrates the principles he is teaching and I was impressed by the professionalism with which the course is run. His feedback was encouraging and constructive and really helped me to maintain motivation. I’d highly recommend this to anyone wanting to do an online teaching course. I can only underline the positive feedback I gave, and I think it reflects your skill as a teacher to be able to deliver the course so effectively entirely online. I should also add that I found it good value for money and I’ll definitely recommend you to friends who are thinking of doing online teaching courses.

John – PTLLS Level 4 Student 2014. Glasgow, Scotland


“Thought it was a brilliant course and have already recommended it to others”.

Kerry –  PTLLS Level 4 Student 2014 – London, England


“I’ve enjoyed this course and I am pleased to have completed it successfully”.

Claire – PTLLS Level 4 Student 2015 – Chesterfield, England


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‘I enjoyed the course very much. It has given me more confidence in myself to achieve what I can. The course was very good and it made me more aware of the need to progress in what we do to make the education of adults more rewarding for all involved. In places I found the course quite hard but it was very rewarding when I achieved what was required. I think that I have learned a great deal by taking part in this course which will make me better and more professional in my career. Thank you very much to my tutor and the PCT2U management team for the extra help and advice they gave me throughout the course.

Alison – CTLLS Level 3 Student 2013 – Lewes, East Sussex, England


‘My tutor was a true professional I will recommend my team to him in due course’.

Abraham – PTLLS Level 4 Student 2013 – London, England


‘Found the Moodle site very user friendly. Thank you for your help.

Melissa – PTLLS Level 3 Student 2013. – Leeds, England


‘I thoroughly enjoyed the CTTLS course overall. It has given me the tools needed to push forward in my career and develop my skills. This course challenges your abilities; My tutor was great at giving me information and pointing me in the right direction during each section which helps immensely. I would highly recommend this course to anyone’!!

Peter – CTLLS Level 3 Student 2013 – Norfolk, England



‘My tutor would answer any question I had no matter if it was 1am or 7am. I have to say it took me a while to get used to the system, but once I did, it fell into place. As my tutor would agree, I’m ‘to the point’ kinda guy, and sometimes felt that the answers could be condensed, but I understand that there are guidelines to follow and adhered to. Thanks a million PCt2U.

Danny – Award in Education and Training Level 3 Student & TAQA Certificate Level 3 Student 2014 – Donegal, Ireland




‘I thoroughly enjoyed the course and was really thankful for the prompt feedback and continuous support I received from my tutor. Thank you.

Julie – Award in Education and Training Level 3 Student 2015 – Rugby, England




Kate – Award in Education and Training Level 3 Student 2015 – York, England


Thank you for such a good course that was so well priced. I Really enjoyed the course great way to do a course, it fit around my busy life well.

Frances- Award in Education and Training Level 3 Student 2015 – Bradford, England


I enjoyed doing the course with Paul, he was very prompt in coming back to me with feedback.  I would recommend this to others – in fact I already have! Thanks Paul for your help, it’s been fun!

Suzanne – Award in Education and Training Level 3 Student 2015 – West Lothian, Scotland


Paul Cook, thank you for your invaluable mentoring these past months. I’ve had fun getting to know you better, and I’ve learned so much from talking with you and seeing how you work. You are amazing at what you do! I’m grateful to have had the chance to work with you so closely“.

Helen – Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training 2016 – Blackburn, England

gail cet close up

“Despite being previously let down by an online training provider in the past, I was reticent about using another provider.  When I first spoke to Paul he assured me he would  help me get back on track and I would be able to complete my teaching qualifications. He kept to his word and I would highly recommend training with his company”.

Gail (a former Bright learner) – Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training 2016 – Harrogate, England

“The course was fantastic enjoyed every minute of it with the easy to use ‘moodle’ and friendly tutors helped me every step of the way a big thank you.”

Cheynee – Award in Education and Training Level 3 Student  2016 – Coventry, England

“Initially struggled with the concept of online learning, as it was the first time I had participated with this style of course.  Although I now know what to expect from ‘distant learning’, I think my learning style indicates I may need more interaction time (over the phone is sufficient) with a tutor.  I know it is not designed for learners who require spoon feeding, but at times talking to someone just can’t be replaced for me.  There were times when things were really difficult to understand and explain, which meant things got lost in translation which caused friction – but 5 mins chat with a ‘human’ would resolve this.  All that said, I have learnt a lot about education, learners and myself and I am so glad I finished the course, thank you PCT2U Team”.

Pat – Diploma in Education and Training Level 5 Student  2016 – Birmingham, England

“I started this course 6 months ago and despite my dyslexia my tutor was very supportive which enabled me to complete the course on time. Now that I have completed the course I have enrolled two of my colleges on the Awarded in Education and Training with the same company. This course has enabled me to learn a lot more than the CTLLS I originally completed with another training provider.  I am also a lot more confident about using Harvard referencing which I had never done before on my previous courses”.

Tulsa – Certificate in Education and Training Level 4 Student  2017 – Birmingham, England

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and felt Paul was always available when needed and his messages and feedback provided motivation to continue. I would recommend the company further (already have to a colleague) and would use again to further my own career”.

Amy – Award in Education and Training Level 3 Student  2017 – Harrogate, England

“I feel that the course provided me with the knowledge and practical experience I needed to be able to progress to the next stage of my career. The course was easy to follow and easy to navigate”.

Teresa – Award in Education and Training Level 3 Student  2017 – Newark, England

“The whole concept of a completely online AET course is fantastic. Paul’s expert guidance on how to record the micro-teach session, compress it and send it was so helpful and innovative. It saved me having to travel to a location to be physically observed; and I learnt how to compress and send videos. I was able to combine the course with full-time work and family. Well done to Paul and all the staff at PCt2U”.

Florence – Award in Education and Training Level 3 Student  2017 – Liverpool, England

“I really enjoyed the course, it stretched and challenged me and I found it difficult at times but this was a good thing as it developed the gaps in my theory knowledge. Also thank you so much Paul, I’m a pain I know but I couldn’t have done the course without your help and support”.

Laura – Award in the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice Level 4 Student 2017 – Manchester, England


Sharon – TAQA Workplace Award Level 3 Student 2014 – Manchester, England