QTLS – Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills

Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) is a professional status that you can gain by successfully completing professional formation. Professional formation is a process that enables you to demonstrate the effective use of skills and knowledge in your professional practice that is required to achieve QTLS status.

You can achieve your QTLS by taking our DET course as a part of your professional development and CPD. Once you have passed our course online you can then join the Society for Education and Training and apply for your membership. Once your application has been completed you will be able to use ‘MSET’ after your name as a full member and you will be given QTLS status as a part of the process. The Diploma in Education and Training is a proven route to QTLS in the UK. Talk to us further at PCt2U on how you can become a qualified teacher in the UK today..


Society for Education and Training