PCt2U prides itself on its innovation in training and delivery using the latest technology and learning management systems.


  • First to allow the use of video assessment on assessors courses

  • First to setup and use Moodle for teacher training

  • First to offer IQA training over distance

  • First to negate travel and attendance on its vocational courses

  • First to offer dedicated feedback and support to its students 24/7

  • First to promote and advocate fair assessment for its students

  • First to establish a unique malpractice policy

  • First to utilise Skype/Facetime for learner support meetings

  • First to promote Moodle as a quality assurance tool

  • First to allow students to post ‘selfies’ of their certificates on its website

  • First to allow students to start their course with a deposit only

  • First to allow students to pay via a deposit and to arrange monthly payments with no interest.

  • First to allow students to start at anytime with no pre-determined start date.

  • First to provide students with dedicated mentoring services.