Flipped classrooms approach


 ‘Perhaps some people fail to learn how to teach effectively because they are unable or unwilling to cope with the difficult process of learning from experience’. (Geoffrey Petty, Teaching Today 2015)

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The flipped classroom model traditionally relies on you pre-loading your students with the course information required via online and video based materials and then by using active differentiation methods working with your learners to create an effective learning method for all your learners to engage with. This method is now being used in schools around the world to create more effective ways of teaching the different abilities of learners. Traditionally the core group of learners in school classrooms are taught and the higher ability and lower ability had to flounder or get frustrated.

Now with the advent of online learning technology and the use of video we change all this to ensure that all learners are included in the learning journey and succeed. At PCt2U we use the same principles with our learners using Moodle all our resources and any training videos are pre-loaded onto the LMS and the students spend their time pre-reading and researching these aspects. Further to this personalised support and guidance is given for each individual student according to their needs and an effective route to the practical sessions begins. For students that require any face to face input in the classroom we can also provide workshop scenarios to further enhance the learning journey.  Whilst we don’t expect our students to attend classes via a ‘pedagogic’ route as with most current state schools and colleges we do take the need for some students to engage with a tutor face to face seriously and this further enhances our delivery model that is ‘andragogic’ in nature and that suits our adult learners.

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