Communities of Practice



Communities of Practice (COP) are formed by people who engage in a process of collective learning in a shared domain of human endeavor: a tribe learning to survive, a band of artists seeking new forms of expression, a group of engineers working on similar problems, a clique of pupils defining their identity in the school, a network of surgeons exploring novel techniques, a gathering of first-time managers helping each other cope. In a nutshell:

Communities of practice are groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and who interact regularly to learn how to do it better. 

Etienne Wenger (2013)

PCt2U is a (COP) our learners all meet up on our Moodle LMS and we form such a community. We all learn to teach or assess learners or to manage the quality cycle of an education project. But the main thing is that we all converge in one place and work together to learn something. Yes we define our identity as professionals by engaging in our educational studies and as we progress along our learning journey we leave a lot behind for the community and for those new to the community to engage with in the future. Yes we do help each other out and this is a part of our communities ethos in that we interact with each others work, with each other in discussion and the learning process and we move forward in what we want to do and achieve. At PCt2U we might not be able to be seen, we cannot boast large fixed assets, student bars, floodlit playing fields and huge monolithic libraries, but we do have a big community of learners that has grown exponentially since our inception. Be a part of our learning community today and let us all learn together via our shared experiences and without you having to leave the house or office to meet us. We are all looking forward to sharing our experiences with you @pct2u.