We are an ‘Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace,’ Learning Environment




What we do is shift the focus of your learning into a time and space that suits you. We have been active with this type of learning ever since we developed anytime, anywhere and any place learning for web designers in Yorkshire in 2002-3. What we discovered via this project of successfully managing people over distance to gain their web design qualifications has been introduced to our ‘Virtual College’. Whilst we all know eLearning doesn’t work what we know now and its common knowledge these days is that if you manage the process of learning over distance then it does work. We have the tools like ‘Moodle’ we now have the amazing ‘Google Scholar’ search engine that is free and we now have smart phones and tablet computers that are more powerful than anything we have seen before. This gives you the chance on our courses to develop your skills with these tools and work with us over distance to achieve your goals. Literally anywhere you can imagine, on a train, in a car, on a bus, even on top of a mountain or sat in a tree. Given the expansion of the mobile network with the likes of ‘EE’ offering 4G coverage and governments requiring mobile networks to ever increase their coverage then it is only going to get easier to access your learning in the future from anyplace you like. You might like to work in the early hours of the morning from anywhere in the world and so do we our Moodle LMS never sleeps if you want to get on the system and interact at 3am then there is nothing stopping you accessing our resources and communicating with us we are a truly global company and network for learning. Check in anytime to check your tutors feedback reports and ask them a question via the Moodle communications system. So if you are sailing on your chartered yacht whilst on holiday and want to check in with us you can from anywhere. We also still have telephones and yes we can be contacted via this method as well we do not restrict communications to just our virtual space we also can be contacted in the real world and yes you can actually get to talk to your tutor about your courses and to clarify your learning in the process. If you want the freedom of learning and want to set your own agenda and timetable that you can manage then this is the type of course for you. To discuss your requirements please contact us to discuss how we can change your view of training over distance.